The Center for Statistical and Computational Modeling of Biological Complexity brings people with a variety of computational skillsets from Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering together with Biologists to make new discoveries in complex living systems.


The Center will provide a platform for interdisciplinary research to advance the frontiers of our knowledge of complex biological systems and their functions through innovative statistical and computational modeling, experimental design, and visualization techniques.  These tools will elucidate meaningful patterns and descriptions of basic biological phenomena that will permit understanding of the underlying mechanisms.


The Mission of the CSCMBC is to develop educational and research opportunities that will advance our understanding of complex biologic processes through the integration of biological experimentation with powerful computational and statistical modeling techniques and cutting edge analysis that arises from interdisciplinary collaboration.  The primary goal of the Center is to identify and model fundamental mechanisms that underlie aspects of life and biological interactions in order to address and provide solutions to complex problems of biological importance. Training of future scientists with interdisciplinary skills needed for undertaking research on complex biological phenomenon as well as creating an environment conducive to promoting significant and sustained interdisciplinary collaboration in providing solutions to fundamental questions related to such phenomenon will form the core mission of the center.